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From the moment you first set eyes on an Arrowhead Grill steak, you know you’re in for a special meal. The searing
steak, still cooking in an iron skillet as it’s brought to your table, is a work of perfection, and a savory one at that.

It’s this searing, savory first impression that sets the tone for all of Arrowhead Grill’s hand-selected menu items.
From the Coconut Battered Shrimp to the AG Butter Cake, each mouth-watering menu item has the personal touch
of Chef Charles Wade Schwerd, a Valley culinary hot ticket for almost two decades.

Schwerd’s vision for Arrowhead Grill is one of mouthwatering perfection, where each dish delivers its promise of
delicious flavor while teasing you with a hint of the tastes still to come. The corn and alfalfa fed beef is selected
for only the premium cuts of meat and the fresh seafood is delivered to your table mercury free.

The quality and character of each dish is undeniable. The gold and white colors of the Sautéed Hominy with Bacon
welcome your taste buds as it prepares you for the 10-ounce Delmonico Steak, served over a bed of crisp
Asparagus and blanketed with Schwerd’s special béarnaise sauce. Complimenting Arrowhead Grill’s signature
steak is a host of side dishes, including Chipotle Macaroni & Cheese and Lobster Twice-Baked Potato.